Bad Drip 30ml Salt E-Juice

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Bad Apple - An unforgettable sweet candied apple flavor that anyone will love. Not only is Bad Apple packed with tons of sweet fruity deliciousness, it also has a slight tartness to it. Every inhale contains candied red apple tones, while every exhale amplifies the sweet and tart apple taste.

Bad Drip Salts - A combination of flavorful and juicy blueberries, mixed with exotic pomegranates, and dunked in rich creamy vanilla. This exquisite fruity blend is truly a taste bud pleaser.

Cereal Trip - A tasty breakfast treat and is a great way to start the day. It blends fruity cereal with refreshing creamy milk. This wonderful treat infused with the smoothness of salt nic, is the perfect all day breakfast.

Don’t Care Bear - A flavor explosion of juicy pears and succulent peaches. It also contains smooth undertone of fresh melons. Every inhale is a flurry of these fruity flavors. While every exhale has a gummy bear taste that brings each puff to a sweet smooth ending.

Farley’s Gnarly Sauce - A juicy burst of freshly sliced strawberries infused with tangy kiwis that make for a powerful vape. This incredible creation will uplift the soul and invigorate the taste buds with every puff.

Ugly Butter - A fantastic carnival treat of fried dough topped with a cinnamon banana pudding. This sweet fried treat starts with a delicious cinnamon taste and infuses with fresh banana pudding. The best part is that its doesn’t have an overpowering banana taste like others. Every puff of Ugly Butter is sure to satisfy.

Salt Nicotine e-Juice is formulated specifically for closed vapor devices and pod systems. Salt-Nic juice is NOT recommend for use in sub-ohm tanks, RTAs, RDA’s, and similar devices.
Salt-based nicotine was created to mimic the rush users experience with a combustible cigarettes. Providing users the ability to vape at high nicotine strengths without the extremely harsh “throat hit.” While salt-based nicotine does not absorb into the bloodstream as quickly as combustible cigarettes, its absorption rate is quicker than commonly used e-Liquid made with traditional nicotine.
Read all the warnings and safety precautions in the ‘Warning’ tab found on this product page prior to purchasing and/or using this product.

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