Yo Dabba Enail 20mm Banger Quartz Nail

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If you’ve ditched the torch it’s time to upgrade your TI with our 20mm quartz ebanger that comes with an R clip.

Already enjoying the benefits of a quartz banger with your eNail set up? Our newest design features R clip compatibility. This means that instead of the traditional arm that’s on our other ebangers, this 100% quartz nail comes packaged with a clip that fits snuggly through the base component to hold the coil in place. Pair this ebanger with the 20mm coil for a hassle-free dabbing experience every time.

Designated Dabber:
An eNail owner who is ready to trade in the TI for a serious upgrade.

Our Favorite Characteristic:
The R Clip design.

Q-Tip this banger after every use to avoid blackened build up.

Temp Tip:
If you set your control box to 600, your nail will be around 470 degrees.

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